Sinister Death Wizard Conjuring Magic in Moonlit Graveyard

death wizard with wand in a dark night, big full moon in the sky, grave stone yard, some crows flying in the sky and some are standing on the branches or dry old tree

AI Wallpaper Prompt


death wizard with wand in a dark night, big full moon in the sky, grave stone yard, some crows flying in the sky and some are standing on the branches or dry old tree
Model: normal
Ratio: 1:1

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AI Wallpaper Prompt Analysis

  • Subject: A menacing death wizard, draped in dark robes, holding a mysterious wand, Setting: A haunting night with a full moon casting an eerie glow, illuminating a desolate graveyard, Background: Tombstones scattered in a solemn yard, creating an ominous atmosphere, Style/Coloring: Dark, shadowy tones dominating the scene, enhancing the mysterious and foreboding ambiance, Action: The death wizard engaged in a powerful spellcasting, conjuring mystical forces in the moonlit night, Items: The wizard's wand emitting an otherworldly glow, emphasizing the magical aspect, Costume/Appearance: The death wizard adorned in a cloak that billows in the wind, adding a touch of dramatic flair, Accessories: Crows soaring through the sky and perching on twisted branches of dry, ancient trees, serving as eerie companions in this supernatural ritual.