Elegant Female Figure with Voluptuous Curves in a Slender Pose

Девушка, голая, большая грудь, широкие бедра, стройная, держит грудь руками

AI Wallpaper Prompt


Девушка, голая, большая грудь, широкие бедра, стройная, держит грудь руками
Model: realistic
Ratio: 1:1

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AI Wallpaper Prompt Analysis

  • Subject: The subject of the image is a female figure, characterized by her natural and voluptuous curves. She is depicted in a confident and elegant pose, with her hands delicately cupping her breasts, drawing attention to her form. Her nudity is portrayed in a tasteful and artistic manner, focusing on the beauty of the human body rather than explicitness. Setting/Background: The background of the image should complement the subject without overpowering her. A soft, muted color palette with subtle textures can create a serene and sophisticated atmosphere. The setting could be a private, intimate space, such as a boudoir or a secluded natural environment, to emphasize the subject's vulnerability and confidence. Style/Coloring: The style of the image should be reminiscent of classic art, with a modern twist. The coloring should highlight the subject's skin tone and the shadows and contours of her body. Warm, earthy tones can be used to create a harmonious and inviting visual experience. The lighting should be soft and diffused, casting a gentle glow on the subject. Action/Items/Costume/Appearance/Accessories: The female figure's appearance should be that of a timeless beauty, with a slim and toned body that contrasts with her ample curves. Her hair can be styled in a simple updo or left loose to frame her face. No additional accessories are needed, as the focus is on her natural beauty and the way she presents herself. The absence of clothing allows for an unobstructed view of her form, emphasizing the artistic nature of the image.