Uplifting Morning Song Amidst Rainy Day Blues

этот закон давно известен неинтересен мир без песен но если даже дождь идёт с утра надо чтоб люди точно знали завтра всё будет лучше чем вчера проснись и пой

AI Wallpaper Prompt


этот закон давно известен неинтересен мир без песен но если даже дождь идёт с утра надо чтоб люди точно знали завтра всё будет лучше чем вчера проснись и пой
Model: 3danime
Ratio: 4:3

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But there is a wind of change in the world it will come driving away the wind of past hurts when the time comes for the wind of partings and grievances, tomorrow the wind will change tomorrow it will come to replace the past it will be a kind gentle wind of change
I stand the rain over me I hear through the drops and tremble the song of meeting you sing to me
everything around turned blue and green, the water in the streams rang and sang, all life flowed according to the spring laws now there is nowhere to escape from love
Come on, sing us a cheerful song, you've roamed the merry wind of the sea and mountains, you've climbed everything in the world, and you've heard all the little songs in the world.
tell me, tell me, early morning, where with a friend we will find happiness, don't forget about the first date in life and the first sunrise
The night passed, as if the pain passed, the Earth sleeps, let it rest like us and you there ahead is a path as long as life
with love, meeting is a difficult problem, the planet spins round, round, the planet flies afar, but in the turmoil of days, it's not easy to love on it, the January snowstorm rings, downpours lash elastically, stars rush in a circle and cities hum, people don't see each other, pass by each other, lose each other, and then will never find each other.
you know joy it's flakes with milk try it I treat you here to the edge of the world five minutes on foot well and we fly in the clouds no one will be able to see our white sneakers and we're right there where you can sleep until lunch every day
The girl walks barefoot around the city the traffic light yields the road to the girl the girl dives under the arch the sun warms the heart of the girl the girl sings

AI Wallpaper Prompt Analysis

  • Subject: The central focus of the image is a person waking up in the morning amidst rainy weather, symbolizing a challenging start to the day. The person is depicted singing, indicating a hopeful and optimistic attitude despite the gloomy atmosphere. Setting: The setting portrays a bedroom with soft natural lighting filtering through rain-streaked windows, creating a cozy yet melancholic ambiance. Outside, the rain is visible, enhancing the contrast between the dreary weather and the warmth of the indoor space. Background: The background features subtle details like raindrops on the windowpane and perhaps a distant view of cityscape or nature landscape blurred by the rain, adding depth and context to the scene. Style/Coloring: The style of the image leans towards realism, with attention to capturing the play of light and shadow in the bedroom. The coloring evokes a muted palette dominated by cool tones to reflect the rainy weather, with pops of warmth in the interior to convey coziness. Action: The main action in the image is the person waking up and singing, their body language and facial expression radiating determination and positivity despite the challenging circumstances. Items: Common bedroom elements such as a bed, bedside table, lamp, and curtains are included, with subtle details like a raincoat or umbrella nearby to further emphasize the rainy weather. Costume/Appearance: The person is depicted in comfortable sleepwear, perhaps with disheveled hair and a relaxed posture indicative of just waking up. Accessories: Accessories in the scene could include items like a mug of coffee or tea, a book or journal, and perhaps a musical instrument like a guitar or ukulele, reinforcing the theme of comfort and self-expression.